What is so Great About a Cast Iron Skillet?!

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People have different reasons why they are getting a cast iron skillet.

Sharing observations, feedback from my fellow weekend flea market aficionados, friends’ anecdotes, and even my own personal experience on why we need to have cast iron cookware as part of our kitchen arsenal.

11 Reasons for Wanting to Buy a Cast Iron Skillet:

  • Buying your first cast iron cookware marks that you are now ready to step-up your cooking skills.  And that you are ready to conquer this heavyweight cookware – literally and figuratively.
  • You maybe already disappointed and feeling a bit shortchanged from the over-promises of the non-stick cookware you recently purchased from one of those home TV-shopping channels.
  • Maybe you had your “a-ha” moment while doing mental math for all the hard-earned money you spent replacing all your so-called non-stick cookware in past.
  • Some people simply want to have one because of its rustic allure.  Maybe it goes well with their kitchen motif or theme or just to feed their vanity (there’s nothing wrong with that )
  • A kitchen starter gift from your parents, who knew better that a cast iron skillet, is one kitchen tool that gets better with age.
  • Cast iron skillets are sturdy! It can take any abuse (not misuse) and still last forever. It will probably outlast even you.
  • It is the real non-stick cookware, if you season and clean them correctly.
  • You can use your cast iron skillet as a grill.  You can produce a perfectly medium rare steak with a nice crust on the edges using your cast iron skillet.  Favorable to those people who live in the city without the luxury of a backyard.
  • One cast iron skillet can do the job.  Perfect for searing steak and other meats, shallow frying, making bread  (your favorite cornbread) and even baking cakes.  From the stovetop, to the grill, all the way into the oven a cast iron skillet equals versatility.
  • The ability to retain and distribute heat evenly is one of the top reasons why you should own one.  It is one of the qualities an accomplished cook wants in a cookware. As it will produce perfectly cooked food every time. Say goodbye to half and half, meaning half of your food is burned and the other half is raw.
  • Cast iron cookware is affordable. Here is a great tip to save on money- check out your local yard sales when you are looking to buy a cast iron skillet A lot of people sell perfectly good cast iron skillets just because they don’t know how to season them. 


We hope that we have shared enough reasons for you to get one and add a cast iron skillet for your kitchen today!