what is hard Anodized Cookware

Building An Acquaintance With The Hard Anodized Cookware Set

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For every homemaker it is the health of her family which takes precedence over all else and this explains all the deliberation that accompanies the purchase of a cooking set.

Buying a cooking set is a matter of personal choice and amidst the presence of numerous varieties a fairly new entrant is the hard anodized cookware set. In spite of being a recent introduction, this set has attracted enough attention and gained instant popularity amongst all sections of users.

Do you know what a hard anodized cookware set is?

It could be described as a collection of aluminium based utensils which have been subjected to the electro-chemical reaction of an acid bath.

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 On emerging, it is coated with a hard oxide surface which acts as the non-stick and is akin to a film which covers sapphire. Therefore, when compared to a stainless steel cookware set, it is lightweight, harder as also non-stick in nature.

Amongst the many advantages of this cookware set, the foremost springs from the fact that it is manufactured from aluminium. Known for its excellent heat conducting properties this metal ensures rapid and even heating of food thus preserving healthy nutrients. 

An added advantage is the non-stick coating which acts as a barrier between the metal and the food thus preventing any adverse reactions. Chances of food getting burnt and sticking to the surface are also minimal because of this.

Durability is another major plus point of hard anodized cookware set and once invested the set is likely to last through generations without suffering as much as a scratch or a dent. 

How much ever the set is utilized for various forms of cooking like simmering, steaming, sautéing, glazing and so on, finding any kind of abrasive mark on the surface is highly unlikely as is the possibility of any evidence of corrosion. Thus it is a one-time purchase and good value for money.

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Courtesy of its non-stick qualities, the hard anodized cookware set cannot be incorporated into action immediately after purchase. As per instructions which come with this set, the utensils first need to be scrubbed with soap and hot water, rinsed and then dried before being used. 

While cooking, the correct method entails preheating the pan followed by adding a small amount of oil or butter so that the surface remains lubricated all through the process.

Other guidelines entail using only spoons, whisks and spatulas for stirring the food and under no circumstances should knives and other sharp objects be made to touch the surface of the pan. Care should also be taken to ensure that frozen food is not directly added to the pan as it is likely to cause damage to the surface.

Another precautionary measure is to remove the pan from the fire carefully as lightweight though it is its surface is extremely prone to slipping.

To ensure that your hard anodized cookware set lasts for a long time, you must make sure that it is hand-washed every time with a mild dishwashing soap and scrubbed with a sponge or a soft dishwashing cloth.

Rinsing should always be in lukewarm water and towel drying is a must. It is only in case of stains that a paste of baking soda and water can be applied followed by the normal washing, rinsing and drying procedure.

The only anomaly pertaining to this set is that it cannot be subjected to dish-washing machine.

Some reviews also point out that its handles heat up very quickly but this is looked after through provision of silicone handles. Over all, the hard anodized cookware set is one of the best kitchen accessories thanks to its non-toxic nature as also its ease of usage. 

Therefore, even though a little expensive, it is strongly recommended to every concerned home maker.