Staub Cocotte 5.5 Quart French Oven

My Review of the Staub Cocotte 5.5 Quart French Oven

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STAUB Round Cocotte, 5.5 qt Review
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My Review of the Staub Cocotte 5.5 Quart French Oven 1In this mess of a world, that Beyonce claims is being run by women, nobody is as armed and ready for battle as a good cook. With that said, let’s invest in the finest armor and prep up for war, shall we?

The audience of our own versions of cooking shows staged at home have actually shown the spotlight on two lead actors: the flavorful ingredients and the finely-cooked delightful dishes. As soldiers of the kitchen though, we know better than to just applaud and glorify the end result. In cooking as in life, the devil is in the details. There are countless cooking agents responsible for satisfying our senses, those who never had the opportunity to snag the lead role. Knives, pitchforks, chopping boards, mortar and pestles, and the mother of the snubbed integral cooking components: Pots, pans, casseroles, and ovens.

My apologies to my mother’s home-cooked meals, for I am about to steal their spotlight and shine it on a new friend: The Staub Cocotte 5.5 Quart French Oven.

Stabbed by Staub

A foreign name which truly deserves local fans. Staub is a family-owned and run company tracing its roots to the Alsace region of France, well-known for rich one-pot recipes and the manufacture of fine enameled ceramics. They specialize in enamel cast iron cookware and culinary products made exclusively in France. With its first enameled pot dating back to 1974, Staub has unmistakably proven its worth and its guarantee to merge technology with tradition, artisan with a craftsman.

In its lexicon definition, cocottes are defined as “a small fireproof dish in which individual portions of food are cooked and served”. Translated to French, however, it simply means “casserole”. All I can say is, Staub’s Cocotte is not only fireproof, but it’s also fail-proof.

Heart Caught By Cocotte

Staub has produced a wide array of kitchenware and cookware, ranging from pans and grills to casseroles and even teapots. Their high-quality products can be described by excellence and elegance, which the Staub Cocotte 5.5 Quart French Oven definitely has.

With a span of 10 and ¼ inches and a capacity of 5.3 liters, this French Oven beauty is designed with self-basting spikes for continuous basting, which in turn ensures even distribution of juices and marinade while cooking.

Moist and flavorful dish outcome: 100% guaranteed. What’s even better with the self-basting cycle is that the ingredients’ nutritional value and worth are retained. This simple engineering produces unique and extraordinary dishes which need slow-cooking.

Another point the Staub Cocotte can bag is that soups, stews, casseroles and other dishes cooked in it NEEDS NO SEASONING. Over time, the cooking oil seeps into the pores, making it self-seasoned.

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Clean The Mean Machine

Now, if you’re concerned about maintenance, here’s the 411: Staub Cocotte’s interior black matte enamel finish produces a non-stick surface which is proven to be more resistant to scratches and chips. No chance of discoloration and awkward rusts. It cleans easily and is sturdy. In addition to that, its Brass or Nickel plated knobs are heat resistant of up to 500ºF. Although it may be a muscle’s worth to carry, mostly because of the lid, the cocotte is almost indestructible.

The Verdict

There is little or no room for doubts when rosters of the world’s most-renowned chefs endorse and make it their reference brand. Alongside Chef Paul Bocuse are his contemporaries: Japan’s Hiroyuki Hiramatsu, Germany’s Michael Käfer, Shanghai’s Stefan Stiller all guaranteeing Staub products for their high performance, inimitable beauty, and functionality.
As for the Staub Cocotte 5.5 Quart French Oven, well, meet your new culinary best friend.

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Design 95%
Features 94%
Material 96%
Price 88%