Lodge Logic L6SK3 Cast Iron Skillet 9 inch Review

Lodge Logic L6SK3 Cast Iron Skillet 9 inch Review

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Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet With Assist Handle Review
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Lodge Logic L6SK3 Cast Iron Skillet 9 inch Review 1My very first cast iron cookware is a 9 inch Lodge Logic pre-seasoned cast iron skillet. This skillet is fantastic for making quick dinners on the stove. I don’t know if it’s only me but I believe that your food comes out much more flavorful when you cook them in a cast-iron skillet compared to using just an ordinary pan.

This cast-iron skillet is versatile cookware; it is my frying pan, baking pan, and griller all in one. What’s great about this cast iron skillet is that they are known for retaining high-heat and can be used on almost any heat source, from stovetop, to the oven or even over a grill. A perfect cooking companion whenever we go for an outdoor picnic or camping out with family and friends.

The beauty about getting a Lodge cast iron skillet as my very first cast iron cookware is that the manufacturer – has taken the work out of seasoning the cast iron by coming out with a process of factory-seasoning their cast iron cookware, so you can use them right away. A great help indeed for a newbie cast iron user like me back then.

With proper care and regular use – yes my friends, regular constant use actually makes this cast iron skillet perform much better. I use it almost daily to prepare my husband’s favorite soft scrambled eggs and bacon in the morning and use it for our go-to dinner of grilled/oven-baked homemade 100% lean beef burgers. The drain spouts on the side are very handy when you want to remove some of the oil or fat that comes off the meat you are cooking. The integrated cast iron handle is a bit on the small side – but it is not a problem for me since I have small hands.

If you are someone who has bigger hands though – the small handle might be a bit cumbersome to use. But its hole in the middle makes it easier to hang it on a hook on my kitchen wall. Not only is the Lodge Logic L6SK3 Cast Iron Skillet a great piece of cooking equipment – but it is also a very attractive decorative piece for my kitchen!

I consider my cast iron skillet as one of the most hardworking cookware in my kitchen. Despite the occasional abuse (yes every once in awhile you still have those days), this skillet has proven to be very resilient and the seasoning has endured and improved over time. Knowing the art-of-re-seasoning always comes in handy to save my cast iron from a rusty demise.

Here is a recap on what I like about my 9 inch Lodge Logic cast iron skillet:

  • Pre-seasoned therefore it’s ready to use upon purchase
  • Cooks beautifully and the cleaning up is a breeze
  • It is an all-purpose cookware
  • Retains heat extremely well, keeping my food hot and fresh for a long time.
  • Versatile cookware that can work with any heat source
  • The real deal – non-stick cookware (if seasoned correctly)
  • Made completely of cast iron, handle and all, it is basically indestructible
  • Fairly inexpensive

These are the qualities that I still rave about my first bare cast iron skillet from Lodge. In hindsight, I should have gotten the cast iron skillet with an assist handle that would have provided an additional gripping area while handling hefty loads of food and makes transferring of food in serving dishes easier.