Le Creuset Cookware Review

Le Creuset Cookware Reviews – The King of Cast Iron?

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Le Creuset are best known for their lovely range of enameled cast iron cookware, but they do in fact make stainless-steel sets of pots and pans too, although they are nowhere near as popular as their cast iron counterparts.

The company, Le Creuset, was formed in 1925 in France, and they have been handcrafting enameled cast iron cookware at their foundry there ever since. They even managed to survive through the Second World War when the foundry was occupied by German forces!

Since the company was formed then they have concentrated their focus on enameled cast iron products which has allowed them to perfect the manufacturing process.

Cast iron cookware is not as popular as it once was, but it does have an almost cult like following now from people who have tried it and discovered how quickly it responds to heat, how it retains heat after you take it off the stove/out of the oven, and how when it is properly treated then it has fantastic non-stick properties. Plus, you can use them on induction hobs, which is something you have to watch out for with other cookware.

Normally you have to cure your cast iron cookware, but fortunately most Le Creuset pieces are enameled on the inside and the outside, so you get all the benefits of using cast iron in terms of heat conduction, but without all the hassle. The Le Creuset cookware reviews are hard to find as these sets don’t sell anywhere near the quantity that the standard stainless-steel sets do, but the people who have reported back are blown away by the responsiveness of the pots and pans and the quality of them too.

Let’s have a look at two different sets you can buy:

Le Creuset 9-Piece Cookware Set

Le Creuset 9-piece Signature Cast Iron Cookware Set Review
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Le Creuset Cookware Reviews - The King of Cast Iron? 1This is probably the set I would recommend that most people start off with. It gives you a good range of pieces to use for most situations, without you spending a fortune and getting pieces you just aren’t going to use.

One thing you should know though is that only 5 out of the 9 pieces are cast iron. The sauce pan, the French oven and the skillet are all enameled cast iron, but the stockpot is enameled steel and the casserole dish is actually stoneware. However, they are all made to the same high standard and will perform beautifully.

The reviews for this set are all 5 stars, people absolutely adore it after they get it, both because of how it performs and how beautiful it looks. You don’t have to have it in cherry red either by the way, there are a few different colors you can choose from.

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Le Creuset 20-Piece Cookware Set

Le Creuset 20-piece Signature Cast Iron Cookware Set
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Le Creuset Cookware Reviews - The King of Cast Iron? 2This is the complete set for people serious about their cast iron cookware! Although just like the set above, remember some pieces like the baking dishes will be stoneware and the stockpot will be enameled steel.

Another thing to point out is that this is really an 18-piece set! They count the ‘Le Creuset Mini-Cocotte cookbook’ and the towel as pieces too, which they technically are, but I think that is a bit misleading as you expect 20 pieces of actual cookware.

This set has everything you could ever need, although it has a grill pan and not a skillet, which may not suit some people.

The reviews for this are excellent again, and the price is not too bad really, you are looking at around $$$ for the 9-piece set above, and $$$$ for this 18/20-piece set. Remember these are high quality and built to last, so this is an investment in a set which you can pass down to your kids as long as you look after them.

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If you are still unsure about which type of cast iron cookware you want, then head over to Amazon.com, and you can browse through their full range of Le Creuset cookware and all the other brands too.

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