Kitchen Craft Cookware review

Keep the Tradition with Kitchen Craft Cookware

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West Bend Cookware was established in 1911 and has since produced a variety of household items; it is also the parent company of Kitchen Craft cookware.

This brand is an American company with approximately 35 years of experience in producing quality cookware for professional and amateur chefs and a motto, “The Future of Tradition” that has kept its promise.

The Success of Kitchen Craft Cookware

Kitchen Craft cookware promised quality and performance right from the start and it has only improved with the passing years from the experience gained. It was recognized and awarded for several years in a row by being number one in the world for three consecutive years – 2000, 2001, and 2002.

Guide to Shopping for Kitchen Craft Cookware

There are several sets offered by Kitchen Craft cookware designed and built with everyone’s needs in mind and they are the basic, family, deluxe, or pro set.

The basic set consists of six pieces and offers assistance for those who cook daily but not in large quantities. The family set offers the same six products but larger versions.

Next is the deluxe Kitchen Craft cookware set, which is made out of a combination of the basic and family set and is recommended for those who enjoy cooking and/or have to cook daily for large families. The pro chef set if meant for professional cooking whether it is done at home or in restaurants consists of 12 pieces and it provides everything you will ever need in any type of kitchen for maximum usage.

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Where to Shop for Kitchen Craft Cookware

Kitchen Craft cookware prides in selling only the old fashion way and that is through authorized dealers, where you will be provided with demonstrations and advice on how to use the cookware. Kitchen craft does not promote internet shopping and therefore you are advised not to purchase these products online as Kitchen Craft does not guarantee any of those purchases to be authentic.

Final Thoughts

However, all Kitchen Craft cookware comes with a lifetime guarantee when purchased from an authorized dealer. Kitchen Craft also holds shows and events where they demonstrate and sell their products as well. You can shop with confidence because Kitchen Craft is a traditional American Company that manufactures and distributes all across the US. Therefore you are guaranteed quality as well as the best performance for a lifetime.

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