How To Maintain Stainless Steel Cookware

How To Maintain Stainless Steel Cookware And Utensils

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It is no secret that most of the high-quality cookware is made of stainless steel.

Today, you can see steel utensils in almost every kitchen.

Stainless steel is an alloy of iron, nickel and chromium.

Among the major positive features of steel cookware are its attractive appearance, quite a long life, a hygienic surface that requires no special care and no effect on the color and taste of food.

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Many people have this question: “What about cleaning stainless steel cookware so as not to spoil it’s beautiful appearance?

The good news for you is that it is extremely easy to take care of your stainless steel cookware.

Here are few handy tips that can assist you in cleaning your stainless steel cookware and always keeping them look like new.

  • In order to get rid of the manufacturer and seller’s sticker, moisten it with warm water and remove it with the help of some small plastic object. If the glue marks of the sticker are still there, it can be eliminated with lemon juice.
  • Before first use, be sure to wash the dishes with hot water and dry them thoroughly.
  • If a layer of white residue from hard water gets deposited on the walls and base of the steel container, it can be removed by boiling water with vinegar in the same container.
  • In order to prevent scaling on the walls of the steel utensils during cooking, it is necessary to add salt only when the water comes to a boil in a saucepan.
  • To remove traces of burnt food, pour hot soapy water in the stainless steel pan and boil the whole structure for about ten minutes. Only after that the burnt food can be removed by an ordinary sponge. If the stainless steel bowl contains badly burnt food, you must pour hot water and add a few tablespoons of salt to it.
  • For cleaning stainless steel cookware after boiling milk in it, fill the bowl with boiling water and leave it for half an hour. Then remove the traces of milk with the usual sponge.
  • When cleaning utensils made of stainless steel especially the ones that have got some scratches over a period of time, do not use harsh cleaning products containing ammonia and chlorine as they might lead to making the surface of the utensil rough and dark.
  • If you use the stainless steel knives, it is better to wash them immediately after use because after drying they will be hard to clean.
  • Stainless steel cookware should be cleaned using special tools that are specifically designed for the care of such dishes. If you regularly use such means, utensils made of stainless steel will always look like new. You can also clean the stainless steel dishes with steel wool but not the one that is too rough.
  • You should avoid dish washing products that form foam. In case you use such a product, after the application, wash the dishes thoroughly with clean water or they may become darker.
  • If bright spots have appeared on your stainless steel cookware, they can be easily removed with citric acid or with 4.5% solution of table bite.

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The ease of maintenance and cleaning of the stainless steel cookware makes them the first choice of many a home maker.