essential Things To Consider When Buying a Cookware Set

How To Choose The Best Cookware in 2020

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Nowadays, there are various brands, shapes, sizes, and materials of cookware on the market. It is so difficult to choose and as a human being, we tend to do impulse buying.

 Most of us will go for the aesthetic value of the cookware whether they will fit into the kitchen’s design.

I’m not saying that it is wrong. However, we do need to consider the other aspects while buying a cookware set to avoid any sense of regret.

Here, I will like to provide you with some tips to follow.

  • Price

The first thing on the checklist will, of course, be the price of the cookware.

You should get something within your ability but the best out of the cookware.

However, you must remember that there is nothing free in this world and you get what you pay for. 

Among the most expensive material is the copper cookware. It is heat responsive and thus, you are the captain of your cooking vessel. There are no hot spots and your food will be able to cook evenly. On the other end of the bar, aluminum is an inexpensive material and a good heat conductor. However, it will wear out after some time.

  • Reactivity

The next point which you need to consider is the reactivity of the cookware. Some metals tend to react to certain types of food. For example, aluminum, cast iron, and copper react to acidic food like ketchup. Therefore, there is a possibility the food will absorb the metal and be consumed by you.

So, make sure that you are aware of the reactivity of the cookware that you are about to buy and ways to care for them.

  • Maintenance

Another aspect you should pay attention to is the maintenance of the cookware. If you have a busy schedule and do not want to polish your cookware every night after using it to keep it looking like brand new, then, you will have to seriously consider this area. 

Generally, cast iron and copper cookware require some effort to keep them looking immaculate while it is easier to take care of stainless steel.

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  • Conductivity

You should also consider the heat conductivity of the cookware. Some metals are better heat conductors. For instance, copper will react more quickly to temperature change in comparison to stainless steel. 

The better the heat conductivity, the more evenly your food will cook.

Last but not least is the durability aspect. Some metals will be able to retain their good looks longer than others like stainless steel.

By now, you should realize that there is no one perfect cookware set. Considering all the aspects, stainless steel will be the front runner. However, it has one drawback that is weak heat conductivity. 

Therefore, in order to resolve this weakness, I will suggest buying a stainless steel set with copper or aluminum sandwiched in between from bottom to the sides. The handles and lids should also be metal to increase the versatility of the cookware moving from stove tops to the oven.

Final Thoughts

It is not an easy process while buying a cookware set. So, take your time to consider all aspects.

Remember, the rule of the thumb is to buy something that suits your lifestyle and within your budget.