Glip AF800 Oil-less Air Fryer Review

Glip AF800 Oil-less Air Fryer Review

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Glip AF800 Oil-Less Air Fryer Review
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Consumers who love the taste and texture of fried foods but do NOT love the fatty oils needed to cook those foods are looking for alternatives. They are finding them in air fryers! The Glip AF800 Oil-less Air Fryer is one such product on the market and offers lots of function and style while delivering foods with that ‘fried’ taste and texture but without all the fat from oil.

It’s designed to be good for your heart, your kitchen flair and your pocket book, and we think you’ll find it to be just that.


Today’s world seems full of technological advances, doesn’t it? Everywhere you look, there is some new gadget or concept that begs to make your life easier, and your results faster.

The Glip AF800 Oil-Less Air Fryer aims to do just that using cooking methods that produce foods that feel and taste ‘fried’ but instead were cooked with rapid-air exchange technology. What this means for you is a delicious ‘fried’ meal in fifteen to twenty minutes.

Rapid-Air Technology

Of important note is that the Glip AF800 Oil-less Air Fryer does not really ‘fry’ foods in the traditional sense of the word frying, but instead uses a method many are finding healthier and easier with the same/similar results.

This technology uses hot air that continuously and speedily circulates around your food, giving it an even heat distribution and that lovely ‘fried’ texture and taste.

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Heart Healthy Aspects

Oil-less frying? With today’s concerns about high fat contents in food, who isn’t interested in ‘fried’ food without needing the fatty oil to do so? That makes the “Oil-less” aspect of the Glip AF800 very appealing to today’s heart-healthy consumer.

Potential buyers will find this to be a great functionality of this fryer, however, they should note that though the product has “oil-less” in the official name, further investigation will show that this is true, “for most food,” and many owners still used a bit of oil when cooking certain foods, typically frozen foods or those that don’t produce a lot of oil in the cooking process anyway.

That said, the amount of oil typically used when needing to actually use oil is on average, less than a tablespoon, and certainly far less than found in traditionally deep fried foods.

Style and Design

It’s no secret that mid-century modern is a hot design style, in both home design and décor. Glip certainly appeals to those who want to fondly take a trip down mid-century lane as well as those who simply want a mid-century, retro design with the period style control dials.

Clean and sleek, the black finish with the shiny chrome is an attractive display appliance combining productivity and urbanity.

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Key complaints with actually deep-frying anything always revolve around burns and excessive heat output. The need for little to no oil with this fryer practically eliminates that concern, and the Glip AF800 has additional features that can ease a user’s mind.

The pull-back handle, chrome in look but heat-insulated so no burns when removing the basket, allows for ease and safety and the encasement is cool-to-touch so no concerns about burns when cooking—very different from the case when actually deep-frying or even using a portable convection oven.

Additionally, the Glip AF800 boasts an automatic shut-off timer. It allows maximum time of thirty minutes to cook without needing to be reset and then it shuts-off so there is no continued use-safety concern.

The manufacturer assures the consumer that most foods cook in fifteen to twenty minutes and most owners found this to be true, though after some trial-and-error in initial cooking times.

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Ease of Use

A trade-off for the shiny retro design is the lack of some of the modern control dials we have come to expect from most of our kitchen appliances. Users will not find anything LCD lit or several options for various cooking temperatures or styles. What they will find is two basic turn-knobs—one for the timer and one for temperature control.

Where one might find the lack of ‘options’ a deterrent, we found that ability to use this air fryer without actually having to first really read directions (gasp!) was refreshing.

Because there are only two temperature settings, there is really little room for operator error to occur and one can set the timer for twenty minutes, walk away and come back twenty minutes later to a cooked dish.

Again, many found that when initially using the air fryer, some adjustments needed to be made for cooking times and temperatures, but overall, it’s just.that.easy.


Much like looking at washing instructions before buying any clothing item (Dry-clean only? Yuck!), today’s consumer wants to know how easy it is to clean appliances, particularly where ‘frying’ is happening. Important words to look for? “Dishwasher safe!”

The Glip AF800 Oil-less Air Fryer has four pieces that all tout those glorious words, and since there isn’t any, or very little oil that one needs to get rid of, clean-up is a breeze, especially compared to the buckets of leftover oil traditional fryers offer.

Simple wipe-down of the outer housing (made of PP/ABS plastic and making it durable and aesthetically appealing), and voila—clean up has commenced, almost before it really even needed to start!


The Glip AF800 isn’t joking when it claims to be a powerful air fryer.   With 1400 watts of power behind its cooking time, it is easy to see why meals can be completely cooked in 15-20 minutes!

That power allows the cooking temperature to hit 400°F, which is on the higher heat-end when compared to other air fryers on the market. Its almost 12-pound body has a 2.3-quart capacity and for such sleek design, that’s pretty impressive. (You know they DO say that black is slimming!)

What this means for buyers is that it’s perfect for cooking enough for one-three people at a time, and depending on what you are actually cooking, possibly more.

Additional Features

The Glip AF800’s timer allows a user to set it for up to thirty minutes’ cooking time (though most owners say that’s PLENTY and sometimes more than necessary!), and this means that other things can be done while the air fryer happily does its thing.

Included with the air fryer is a heat resistant pad, a manual and a cookbook. Some users wish that the cookbook was a bit more expansive, and while we can agree, we also find that the internet is a virtual cornucopia of air fryer recipes and most all will be easily accommodated by the Glip AF800.

Another little bonus that is included with the air fryer is an additional roasting plate, and this expands the culinary design ability to include things like hamburgers, cheese sticks and wings. Football tailgate, anybody?


Glip does not make any accessories to accompany their oil-less air fryers, though a quick survey of owners reveals that many recipes can be easily achieved using baking pans that will fit inside the Glip, thus allowing the ability to bake things like donuts and muffins!

If you are looking for a lot of additional bells and whistles, the Glip doesn’t have them, but it does have a lot of functionality and included features that more than make up for the inability to buy more.

Besides, who wants to have to buy more things just to use the one appliance you already bought?!

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Pros And Cons


Clearly, this air fryer wants to be the hip, can’t live without appliance in your kitchen. It offers the opportunity to cook with heart health in mind, while looking fabulously sexy on your kitchen counter.

Its large cooking capacity allows meal planning and cooking for one-three, maybe four people, thus making it a convenient way to quickly whip up a meal for an intimate little dinner party.

If you prefer to be the football party house, the Glip AF800 also accommodates all sorts of appetizer making, and you’re sure to please at the tailgating extravaganza. It oozes power with its 1400 watts, and has a small internal fan to help dispel odor that often accompanies fried foods.

For those looking to simply plop some food in a container, turn a dial or two and shower while dinner cooks, this meets that exact need by not giving so many choices in cooking that a user is over-whelmed.

More, if you should happen to forget about it after that nice hot shower, you need not fear that your food is burning or a kitchen fire is about to happen. The automatic shut-off feature of the programmable timer takes that problem off the canvas.

Included when you purchase is an additional cooking rack that allows for multi-food item cooking, as well as drip collection should you use the ‘oil-less’ air fryer with a little bit of oil anyway. That inclusion for the purchase price is nice.

Easy-to-clean and with dishwasher safe components, there will not be much grumbling about how long it takes to clean-up after cooking, and for all the features it offers, pricing is value-packed.


Two sides of a coin that there are, there are a few things to think about when considering this purchase for your kitchen or for anyone else’s. The large capacity for cooking that the Glip AF800 offers entails a bit more taking up of counter space that many users preferred.

Though it is a lightweight 13 pounds, the 14”x 11” x 12” dimensions seem to fit bulkier than the various sales pictures might portray. If you check here, there are several pictures that give front/side/back views, but we find that the implying pictures may be a bit more slimming for the product than it is in real life.

While it is nice to only have two temperatures with which you can work when cooking, there is something to be said for other air fryers that allow the user to set different temperatures, or even have different preset buttons that can be used for cooking different things.   While the retro-look of the GlipAF800 is aesthetically appealing, functionality in diversifying cooking temperatures is slightly lost.

And, it is nice that there is an additional rack that is included with the air fryer, but if you choose to cook things that would require two different temperatures at the same time, you’d be out of luck.

Though all components needing washing are dishwasher safe, and online descriptions will claim a stainless steel basket, it should be noted that the cooking basket is not completely stainless steel and we found some users preferred to hand wash the basket for fear of melting the basket encasement in the dishwasher.

That said, very few issues can be raised with this air fryer and cleaning.

Consumer Ratings

Overall, the Glip AF800 Oil-less air fryer seems to be a well-liked and received air fryer. It typically rates at least four or more out of five stars on most review sites (you can check some owner reviews out here) and the general feeling about this air fryer is a very positive one.

Some seem to be thrown off by the product title “Oil-less”, and we can understand that as several recipes seem like they need at least a tad bit of oil, but for the most part, those who are looking into air fryers for the fried taste without the fried oil necessary to achieve that goal are aware that ‘oil-less’ means, “Most of the time, but some times, still small amounts are necessary.”

People like the ease of use and the convenience and variety of foods that can be cooked, but a trending belief was that often recipes called for too short a cooking time and that cooking times sometimes even needed to be doubled. That said, even doubling cooking time brought forth quick and gratifying meals for most, and many like the Glip for personal use so much, they purchased for gifts as well.

While many liked the sleek retro look of the black one we reviewed, there’s no denying that the white one found here also has a hip feel, and you can see which you’d prefer for your décor.


This air fryer gives you a lot of function and style in one package. Comparable air fryers tend to run a good bit higher in price, though often that’s because those air fryers tout a few more features.

That said, for the money, this air fryer offers a good value and would probably fit the needs of most everyone looking for a spaciously able oil-less air fryer.

Though it’s not the lowest priced air fryer on the market, we find it to be a good deal comparatively speaking and one doesn’t necessarily have to spend more to achieve the results most are looking for.

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Price varies, and as is common on Amazon, as vendors vary and change prices, Amazon pricing may change. Your best bet it to check here to see what the pricing is today.

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