Big Boss 9063 1300-watt

Big Boss 9063 1300-watt Oil Less Air Fryer Review

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Big Boss Air Fryer, Super Sized 16 Quart Large Air Fryer Oven
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Big Boss 9063 1300-watt Oil Less Air Fryer Review 1Think you have seen enough about the ‘oil-less’ air fryers, and you are ready to take the plunge and buy one? Think they are all about the same, and you just have to decide which is best for you?

Not quite! While there are lots on the market that have various features from which to choose, allowing you the ability to get just what you want, they are not all the same, and the Big Boss 9063 Oil-less Air Fryer certainly sets out to prove that point!

Different in design, looks and even, to a degree, cooking technology and at a price-point we feel might turn your head, it’s worth looking at to see if it’s the one that belongs in your kitchen!

Unique Design

The general spectrum of oil-less air fryers on the market shows a consumer pretty much similar design. Most air fryers have some sort of steel/metal cooking frame that is encased by some sort of plastic outer covering—and with a typical finish of black, white or stainless.

Big Boss wants to wow you with a totally different and modern design—making air frying even sexier than you thought it could be.

The big difference in you’ll note with this air fryer when comparing to others is the glass dome that actually allows you to watch the cooking process! This is a pretty big deal when working with air fryers, as some consumers voice concern about the high heat and fast power, sometimes overcooking. Not to worry, when you can look right in and see how it’s going!

Triple Cooking Power

While most (okay, almost every one that touts itself an air fryer) oil-less air fryers use some sort of technology that rapidly circulates hot air around the food (Phillips even goes so far as to have patented that technology, calling it Rapid-Air Technology), the Big Boss 9063 Oil-less Air Fryer uses three different types of power, but in similar fashion.

Convection heat circulates hot air, much like in most other air-fryers, and a halogen heat bulb directly acts on the surface of the food (similar to how one’s ‘broiler’ function may work)—a feature that some, but not most other air fryers on the market have.

But different from most that will either have one or both of those combinations of cooking techniques, the Big Boss 9063 additionally gently incorporates infrared heat, allowing the food to be cooked from the inside out while sealing in all the yummy juices.

This triple power combination is what allows food to come out of the air fryer tasting absolutely delicious—nice and crispy on the outside as one would expect if deep-fried and moist and juicy on the inside as if lovingly baked in the oven—only at three times the speed and without the necessity of added fats or oils. Pretty nifty in our book!

Exclusive Innovation

In addition to all the snazzy features that this and most air fryers typically offer, a feature we really like and think you will too is the ability (and instructions!) to dehydrate foods! That’s right! In an attempt to make this truly a healthy-lifestyle product, the Big Boss 9063 also can act as a dehydrator for foods, which means you can save yourself oodles of money making your own heart-healthy dehydrated snacks!

The manual (found here) gives step-by-step directions for dehydrating fruits, vegetables and herbs. We think that this gives this air fryer a whole new dimension when compared to other air fryers and is worth considering when looking at whether you want it taking up valuable kitchen space.

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Power and Capacity

This air fryer has 1300 watts of power fueling all the cooking technology it utilizes. It’s pretty powerful, and it even boasts the ability to easily get up to 460?! In fact, Big Boss gives suggested cooking times, rack heights and temperatures when cooking loads of different things.

This is a nice and unique feature of the user manual, when compared to others that suggest you utilize recipes specifically for air fryers. It’s nice to know where the rack height ought to be when you are first starting out!

While owners tell us that it really does have that power and capacity, one main issue that many have is with the size of the Big Boss 9063. To put it mildly, it is large…weighing in at nearly 15 pounds and being nearly a foot and a half tall.

As such, this is not necessarily the appliance you will find yourself moving a lot, but then again…not many air fryers allow such dimensions that one could cook a whole 4-lb. chicken or 6-lb. turkey (in a fraction of the time), so we believe it might actually be an appliance you’d keep out on the counter all the time, simply because of its versatility in cooking ability, power and capacity.

Additional Features and Accessories

In the air fryer market, the features and accessories that various air fryers tout range widely. Some are full-scale luxury appliances and have all the bells and whistles, as well as accessibility to additional accessories. Others have the ability to do more, with additional accessories, but the accessories are not always easy to find and/or are costly to buy.

We LOVE that Big Boss gives you a ton of suggested uses for the Big Boss 9063 Oil less air fryer, and more, we love you that it includes pretty much any accessory you need to utilize those suggestions.

For instance, Big Boss will advise you that no oil is required for this model, but that in recognizing the option to possibly spray (as many owners of other air fryers claim to do), they’ve included a sprayer in case you too are interested in using a small bit of oil.

More, even though this is a pretty decent-sized appliance, when Big Boss claims that you can ‘fry’ small chickens or turkeys—they make good on that claim by including an extender ring to increase the capacity of the cooker.

Increase capacity, you ask??? Yes—the included extender ring will allow you to cook a turkey up to approximately 15 pounds.

You read that correctly; no other air fryer on the market claims they can cook anything even remotely that large, and we think that in and of itself is one of the most distinguishing and purchase enticing features we’ve found.

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Pros And Cons


There are tons of reasons we’d suggest you give this little number a try. It has some exclusively unique features that even much higher-end (and priced!) air-fryers don’t have, and its price point is phenomenal! (The model we are reviewing is red and is found at a great price here, but you can also find it, with different model number due to color a hair cheaper here.)

The Big Boss 9063 utilizes three different types of technology that ensure great heart-healthy food at a fraction of the time, and the food tastes deliciously fried, baked or even dehydrated! Win!


One of the biggest cons we’d offer against the Big Boss 9063 is based on its size. As we said, it’s mammoth. With great size comes great ability, we give you, but unless you are looking to keep it out and on your counter as a constant space-taker, you want to take its size into consideration!

Also, though Big Boss still backs it and produces the manual for it, it is no longer in its online product line, and therefore support, should you need it, may be less available.

Consumer Ratings

Overall? Owners LOVE their Big Boss 9063 Oil-less air fryer! Most say it does exactly what it claims it will, and most are thrilled with the outcome. Some who have used other air fryers have even claimed that they are so aggravated they spent way more money when THIS was the go-to product they should have chosen! A quick perusal of consumer ratings will easily show this to be a highly-loved product as well, and we don’t disagree!


So, for all the fabulousness, you’d think you’d be paying a fortune, wouldn’t you?

As we’ve suggested, you’d be wrong. At less than $$, it is extremely competitively priced and for what it does, we feel it’s WELL worth the money. A good value to you all-around.

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We pretty much believe that if you are looking to enter the heart-healthy world of air frying, this is a great appliance to consider. It offers all that oil-less air fryers of other makers do, as well as some unique features and designs that none other do.

You can buy one of the many that look and behave similarly (and we love many of them!) but if you are looking for a great price on a very versatile machine, we’d recommend this one.

The only caveat to purchasing this is if size/space is a consideration. It’s large, because of all it does, so if you don’t have (or want to use!) the space regularly that it would take up, there are others that can do similarly with less space consumption.

Otherwise? What are you waiting for? Go! Buy!

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