History of Le Creuset

Everything You Need To Know About Le Creuset

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Le Creuset History

The history of the Le Creuset company is as unique as the cookware they produce. Reaching back over 80 years, Le Creuset is a name cemented in the world of fine cuisine, associated with fine cast-iron cookware and French cooking.

Le Creuset was founded in 1924 by the meeting of two Belgian industrialists, Octave Aubecq and Armand Desaegher, at the Brussels Fair. Octave Aubecq was an expert in iron casting, while Armand Desaegher was an enameling expert. Choosing to combine their strengths, the two decided to open a foundry where they could exercise their ability in the creation of cookware.

The following year, Le Creuset was officially started in Fresnoy-le-Grand in Aisne, France. A small town, Fresnoy-le-Grand was unique in that it was a raw materials hub, a nexus of iron, sand, and coke. The company started to blossom in the few years before World War II, creating a wide product range. Their initial cookware sets consisted of charcoal stoves, cookers, etc. At the same time, Le Creuset began its first forays into the world of advertising, via print and radio.

When World War II broke out, Le Creuset was severely impacted, and the foundry was taken over by the Nazis for grenade production.

Following World War II, Le Creuset took a risk and differentiated itself from competitors by focusing its energies on cast iron cookware. Committed to innovation, Le Creuset enameled cast iron became the first cast iron cookware offered in different colors, a move that coincided with several new styles and dramatically boosted popularity.

Shortly following the increased recognition, Le Creuset introduced its first grill, named the Tostador, and it soon became an international hit. In 1957, the company decided to take action and purchase their primary competitor, le Hauts Fourneaux of Cousances. A few years after the acquisition, Le Creuset amazed the culinary world yet again with the launches of their fondue cookware set and barbeque, in 1962 and 1963, respectively.

Following their first acquisition, the Le Creuset company started to embark on a vertical integration strategy. After they switched the casting machinery to semi-automatic replacements, Le Creuset bought the Godin company in 1970, a leader in furnace technology.

What was next for this outstanding company? Between the years 1975 and 1985, Le Creuset started to expand its image and offerings worldwide. Some of the countries included were Australia, Belgium, United Kingdom, and the USA.

From 1985 until now, Le Creuset has been focusing on expanding its selections to accommodate a wider variety of cuisines. In 1992, Le Creuset launched their first wok, and in 1995 they launched their Spanish Pueblo range. In 2002 and 2004, the company launched the Japanese Sukiyaki Cocotte and Italian Risotto Pot, respectively.

All in all, Le Creuset is a cookware company that has wonderfully adapted and thrived through over eight decades of change and culinary advancement.

Surviving a war, expanding around the world, and improving a legendary product line are just a few accomplishments of this amazing company, but in the years ahead anything is possible.

La Creuset Cookware Product Line

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In the world of fine cuisine, few cookware companies stand out as much as Le Creuset. With a line of products including cast-iron, tri-ply stainless steel, and stoneware, it’s no surprise that chefs and cooking enthusiasts swear by Le Creuset.

When Le Creuset was founded, their initial production line was entirely cast-iron French ovens, but to say it has evolved since then is an understatement.

Currently, Le Creuset offers brasiers, skillets & grills, saucepans, cookware sets, roasters, and that old standby, the French oven, all forged in high-quality cast-iron. While cast-iron may weigh more than other materials, cast-iron also distributes heat more evenly and retains heat longer.

Everything You Need To Know About Le Creuset 1Everything You Need To Know About Le Creuset 2

The Le Creuset line of tri-ply stainless steel cookware is, for lack of a better word, amazing. The tri-ply range currently consists of saucepans, fry pans, casseroles, nonstick, and sets. What makes tri-ply stainless steel unique is that it complements the unique qualities of cast-iron, such as having wonderful heat distribution and conduction. What makes tri-ply stainless steel cookware unique are the ergonomic handles, designed for minimum heat transfer, and the pan rim that prevents messy drips when pouring.

Everything You Need To Know About Le Creuset 3Everything You Need To Know About Le Creuset 4

Last of the three, Le Creuset stoneware is truly a force to be reckoned with. With a wide product line including cooking and baking pieces, baking accessories, and specialty creations, it’s hard to imagine life without it.

Each piece of Le Creuset stoneware is fired at over 2000 degrees for the utmost in durability. In addition, each piece is expertly enameled, allowing for a wide range of colors and an easy-to-clean surface. Lastly, Le Creuset stoneware is flavor and odor resistant, and won’t absorb moisture.

All in all, Le Creuset cookware is more than just a name, it’s an impressive array of cooking products, each one expertly constructed and sure to last a lifetime.

Le Creuset Manufacturing Process

This is a fantastic video that gives a great look into how Le Creuset enameled cast iron cookware is made. It so fun to get a look inside manufacturing facilities. You get to see the owner of the popular Le Creuset company Paul van Zuydam talk about how the cookware is made. The guy is very passionate about his product. He bought the company 20 years ago from the founders. He goes into depth about how important the look of the cookware is.

And get this he “can’t cook” he says!! Funny. And he also mentions that Le Creset is guaranteed for life. How can you beat that? Obviously, this is quality cookware folks.

How Do You Pronounce Le Creuset

This video provides an example of how to correctly say Le Creuset. If you’re gonna buy it, you might want to learn how to say it. I was saying it wrong too! It’s Luh (like the) Crew Say.
And also, here are some common misspellings of LE CREUSET:

La Creuset
Le Crueset
Le Cruiset
Le Cruset

It might be difficult to say or spell, but it is easy to cook with!

Le Creuset in the Kitchen

Le Creuset cookware is use by the best chefs throughout the world but it’s not just for the chefs and restaurants with big budgets. Any kitchen will benefit from the durability and quality of a Le Creuset cast iron cookware product.

Enameled cast iron distributes heat slowly and evenly. Almost any recipe can be prepared in a Le Creuset cookware piece. Le Creuset’s versatile shapes are a must-have for any kitchen collection. They have designs to fit any cooking requirement. And they also have many different sized products to fit kitchens of all sizes from a small galley kitchen to an expansive kitchen with an island and massive cabinet space.

For instance, Le Creuset roasters offer superior cooking performance. But beyond that, they come in various shapes and sizes to fit nicely into any kitchen environment.

Here are the various sizes available:

Everything You Need To Know About Le Creuset 5Everything You Need To Know About Le Creuset 6

Rectangular Roaster, 2½ qt.

Rectangular Roaster, 5¼ qt.

Oval Au Gratin, 3 qt.

Tatin Dish, 9¾” 2 qt.

Important for good roasting is even heating. All Le Creuset roasters in all sizes can spread heat smoothly and evenly providing golden roasted meats and a crisp and light pastry every time.

Similarly, you will find a wide assortment of Le Creuset skillets in all manner of shapes and sizes. Here are the various designs and sizes of skillets (6 inches all the way up to 15 inches) :

Square Skillet Grill, 10 ¼”

Iron Handle Skillet, 6 1/3″

Iron Handle Skillet, 9″ 1 ⅜ qt.

Iron Handle Skillet, 10 ¼” 1 ¾ qt.

Iron Handle Skillet, 11 ¾”

Oval Skillet, 15¾” 3 qt.

You owe it to yourself to have the best-cast iron cookware available on the market. It’s not just a treat to have such beautiful cookware, but it will also provide you with better meals, versatility, and the right piece to fit into your kitchen. And also Le Creuset will save you money, in the long run, providing many years to great meals.

Le Creuset Outlet Stores

Le Creuset company has a series of factory stores in various US states. These are considered outlet stores I would assume. Here is the complete list of Le Creuset outlet stores.


Riviera Centre Factory Stores

2601 S. McKenzie Street #R7

Foley, AL

36535 U.S.A.

(251) 943.7600


The Outlets at Anthem

4250 Anthem Way,

Suite 880

Phoenix, AZ

85086 U.S.A.

(623) 465.5876


-Cabazon Outlets

48750 Seminole Drive,

Suite #108

Cabazon, CA

92230 U.S.A.

(909) 849.4007

-Carlsbad Company Store

5600 Paseo del Norte,

Suite 125

Carlsbad, CA

92008 U.S.A.

(760) 931.6868

-Gilroy Premium Outlets

8225 Arroyo Circle,

Space 24

Gilroy, CA

95020 U.S.A.

(408) 848.6619

-Vacaville Premium Outlets

111 Nut Tree Road,

Suite B

Vacaville, CA

95687 U.S.A.

(707) 453.0620


-Colorado Mills

14500 W. Colfax Ave.

Space 208

Lakewood, CO

80401 U.S.A.

(303) 590.1555

-Silverthorne Factory Stores

135-E Stephens Way

Silverthorne, CO

80498 U.S.A.

(970) 262.2992


Clinton Crossing Premium Outlet

20 Killingworth Turnpike,

Suite 228

Clinton, CT

06413 U.S.A.

(860) 664.4390


-Belz Factory Outlet Mall

500 Belz Outlet Blvd,

Suite 215

St. Augustine, FL

32084 U.S.A.

(904) 824.0343

-Silversands Factory Stores

10676 Emerald Coast Parkway West,

Suite #1124

Destin, FL



-Prime Outlets at Ellenton

5123 Factory Shops Blvd.,

Space 940

Ellenton, FL

34222 U.S.A.

(941) 721.9722

-Orlando Premium Outlets

8200 Vineland Avenue,

Suite 1124

Orlando, FL

32821 U.S.A.

(407) 477.0101


North Georgia Premium Outlets

800 Hwy. 400,

Space 760

Dawsonville, GA

30534 U.S.A.

(706) 216.7084


Lighthouse Place Premium Outlets

813 Lighthouse Place

Michigan City, IN

46360 U.S.A.

(219) 873.0090


Tanger Outlet Center

283 US Route #1,

Suite #4

Kittery, ME

03904 U.S.A.

(207) 439.4811


Prime Outlets at Hagerstown

150 Prime Outlets Blvd.

Hagerstown, MD

21740 U.S.A.

(301) 797.0277


Wrentham Village Premium Outlets

One Premium Outlets Road,

Suite 667

Wrentham MA

02093 U.S.A.

(508) 384.8502


Prime Outlets at Birch Run

12156 South Beyer Road,

Suite 140

Birch Run, MI

48415 U.S.A.

(989) 624.6264


Albertville Premium Outlets

6500 La Beuax Ave. NE

Suite G-040

Albertville, MN

55301 U.S.A.

(763) 497.0664


Factory Outlet Village

4540 Highway 54,

Suite #0-3

Osage Beach, MO

65065 U.S.A.

(573) 302.4600


Liberty Village Premium Outlets

One Church Street

Flemington, NJ

08822 U.S.A.

(908) 782.1224


-Tanger Outlet Center

1770 West Main Street,

Suite 509

Riverhead, NY

11901 U.S.A.

(631) 208.9400

-Woodbury Common Premium Outlets


889 Grapevine Court

Central Valley, NY

10917 U.S.A.

(845) 928.4316


-Burlington Manufacturers Outlet Center

1246-A Plaza Drive

Burlington, NC

27215 U.S.A.

(336) 222.9743

-Carolina Premium Outlets

1025 Industrial Park Drive,

Suite 200

Smithfield, NC

27577 U.S.A.

(919) 934.2717


Woodburn Company Stores

1001 Arney Road,

Suite #406

Woodburn, OR

97071 U.S.A.

(503) 982.2520


Prime Outlets at Grove City Intersection of I-79 & Route 208,

Space #835

Grove City,PA


(724) 748.4455


-241 King Street

Charleston, SC

29401 U.S.A.

(843) 723.4191

-30 Lane Street

I-95 Exit #38

Yemassee, SC

29945 U.S.A.

(843) 589.6650


-Allen Premium Outlets

820 West Stacy Road,

Suite 456

Allen, TX

75013 U.S.A.

(972) 678.2222

-Tanger Outlet Center

4015 I-35 South,

Suite 330A

San Marcos, TX

78666 U.S.A.

(512) 396.8193


-Prime Outlets at Williamsburg

5699-22 Richmond Road

Williamsburg, VA

23188 U.S.A.

(757) 565.4872

-Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets

241 Ft. Evans Rd.,

Suite 889

Leesburg, VA

20176 U.S.A.

(703) 777.1747


Prime Outlets at Pleasant Prairie

11211 120th Ave.,

Space A015

Pleasant Prairie, WI


(262) 857.3124

Le Creuset also has something called signature stores. There are only six of these in the Unites States. I believe these are Le Creuset’s retail outlets. You can expect to see the latest cookware products and innovations from Le Creuset here. The locations are listed below.

Le Creuset Signature Stores

Chino Hills, CA

Bethseda, MD

Nashville, TN

Walnut Creek, CA

Charelston, SC

Allen, TX